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Rise from your own ashes and be unapologetically free and wild. With us, conquer the world by setting yourself free.

At Sculptasse, we believe in ‘Adventure as a therapy’ and not madness and rush. We believe in regulated madness and an extreme version of love for oneself. Revolutionize fitness of body and mind with us, and explore an unprecedented version of yourself. Like they say ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, we say ‘fit body, fit mind and a better you, every single day’!

Lets’ break all the barriers together and head towards a common goal with this therapeutic treatment of mind, body and soul. Towards a better tomorrow!



Yoga with pets

Yoga with Pets

One thing that we absolutely love about Yoga is its versatility. Yoga practices have been ever evolving and we now have a form that brings you closer to your pets. If you have a pet that you love to the moon and back, then you’d fall in love with Pet Yoga too! Explore a fun and effective Yoga form, where you practice basic Asanas and movements along with your pets (cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.)
Petting animals is known to release Oxytocin in your body which reduces stress. Escape away into true happiness with your pet in this Yoga session, where you don’t just de-stress but also get a chance to bond with your pet.

  • Prior registration is compulsory
  • Sessions held at various destinations in and around Mumbai
  • You are responsible for your pet’s behavior
  • Kindly eat Muesli or oats before the session
  • Post-workout refreshments/snacks included
  • We also organize group/ corporate Destination Yoga Sessions

Fitness retreat at Leh, Ladakh.

Our exotic destination workouts provide a holistic approach to fitness as we slowly help you get acclimatized to the higher altitudes (10,000 to 16,000 feet) and lower oxygen levels, to help you get the best out of the workout.

Workout sessions in this natural environment include strength training, cardio, agility training, and stretching, using naturally available resources (rocks, plains, etc.) and a few aiding equipment.

Prior to the trip, all the requirements and itinerary are discussed and shared with you. Our team will help you pack the rights things and also assist you in preparing for this trip in terms of nutrition plans and prior physical activity.

Since, the destination can be beautifully breathtaking and workout, overwhelming, we emphasis immensely on the right nutrition, hydration and rest.

Prior registration is mandatory.


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