Rhythmus Happyfeet specializes in coaching their students at ballet basics to ensure that the foundation of their knowledge is built in a sturdy manner. At this tender age(5-7years), flexibility comes to them effortlessly. We train students using wonderful songs that they can relate to. The magical worlds of fairies come alive at these sessions. The main aim is to make learning entertaining for these children through storytelling and play. We focus on posture, position, flexibility and most importantly, we focus on the performances.


Rhythmus Happyfeet’s ballet division for 7 and above is also affiliated to Ballet Manila. In 2016, two students were given scholarships to train in Ballet Manila under prima ballerina Lisa Macuja and various other award winning ballet teachers of the academy.Ballet Manila, a prestigious 20 year old Ballet Company is headed by Artistic Director Lisa Macuja Elizalde and Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso. Ballet Manila has many Ballet productions, shows, awards and accolades won by the students and company dancers; their most recent feat being the Asian Grand Prix (Ballet competition) held in Hongkong 2015.