The joy
of Giving
At the core of Sculptasse’s foundation, is the belief that the joy of giving is the greatest of all. “As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.”

We believe it’s not always the money that you can give. Giving your time makes a huge difference in the world too. Volunteering and spending time with those in need can bring smiles on their faces and yours too!

Through our initiatives, we’ve pledged to make a difference in this world, one step at a time. Every season team SCULPTASSE actively participates in CSR activities and initiatives. We spread the joy giving and receive huge participation from our clients. We actively collaborate with NGOs and social bodies (SEED Foundation India, Titli, Vidya, Sikshagram, Toy Bank) to provide basic needs to the underprivileged and collectively work towards bringing smiles and joy back into the lives of the needy.



A Road Trip dedicated to the widows of Varanasi, 2017- India

To make an impact, team Sculptasse along with a few clients embarked on a road trip to Varanasi to create awareness about and celebrate Diwali with the widows of Varanasi. Widowed at an early age, they’re abandoned here by their families to spend the rest of their lives, in isolation and loneliness. Some spend over 70 years, waiting to rest in their final abode. Not much is known to the world, but in this small town are forgotten people who long for love, happiness and some company. This is what we brought to them on Diwali. Team Sculptasse spent a couple of days with them, talking to them and hearing their stories.  And from the funds raised through the campaign, we also donated blankets to them.

A Day at the Theme Park, 2017 - Sikshangram, A Shelter for Children, India

There are some childhood joys that are only dreams for a few children. And we wanted to make atleast one dream, of fun-filled rides, come true for as many children as possible. A fund raising campaign was organized for the same. Donations came in plenty and the children from Sikhshangram were taken to a theme park, where they spent the whole day experiencing rides and smiling all throughout.

Children’s Day Celebration, 2017 - SEED Foundation, India

An event conducted for the underprivileged children at our Powai center, where the kids were invited to a fun filled day of dance, interactive activities, and learning. The sessions were led by our instructors and joined by our clients, who interacted with the kids to teach them new things. Gifts donated by clients brought smiles on these innocent faces!


Rescued a Girl Child, 2016 – India

The world is modernizing every day, education is accessible, and information is wide spread. But even is this ever growing and flourishing world, some people still exist who are regressive. With feminism growing and people fighting for equal rights, we still have parents who do not want a girl child. In a heart wrenching incident, an infant was found abandoned in a garbage bin in a neighboring city. Shivani Patel, founder of Sculptasse was quick to act and rescue the girl child at once. We took her to an NGO and provided all the supplies needed to nurse her back to good health. Once healthy, she smiled again. It breaks our heart to know someone would abandon such a beautiful smile.


Medical Supplies, Sneha Sagar Society, Malad 2015 – India

Sneha Sagar Society is a trust actively involved in uplifting the marginalized, socially depressed and those living under sub-human conditions in the slums and streets of Mumbai. To be a part of a cause as beautiful as this, Team Sculptasse donated basic medical supplies. We often don’t realize this but certain things that come to us easily, are privilege for some. A small, kind gesture can change lives!

Nepal Flood Relief, SEEDS India, 2015 – India

Nature’s wrath is ugly, and when a natural disaster strikes, all is lost.

In 2015, when Nepal was hit with floods and earthquake, many lost not just their livelihoods but also their families. In an effort to help them build back their lives, Team Sculptasse organized an Aqua Zumba Pool Party. The proceeds collected from this event were utilized to build houses for people across the border. In association with SEEDS Foundation, we took one step towards helping people restoring their lives.


Blood Donation Drive, ARPAN, 2014 – India

Team Sculptasse organized a Blood Donation Drive in association with Arpan Blood Bank. With an aim to donate blood to atleast 100 children suffering from Thalassemia, we were able to successfully drive to this campaign and also educated people (donors) about this Thalassemia and how many lives are impacted by this disease.

Zumbathon, World Disability Week, G.O.D.S Foundation, 2014 – India

“There is no greater disability in the society, than the inability to see a person as more” The greatest obstacle people with special needs face is the ignorance and apathy of other people. To create awareness and to remind everyone else about compassion, Sculptasse organized a Zumbathon, a fund raising event as a part of the Think Beyond’s awareness drive. The funds raised via this drive were donated to G.O.D.S, a foundation dedicated to the service of the differently abled, and aims at providing them a life with self-esteem and dignity.


Toy Donation Drive, ToyBank, 2013 - India

When we picture a happy child, we usually see an image of a child playing with a toy, giggling and laughing. But what we don’t realize is that not every child is entitled to this “privilege” of a toy, a simple thing that manages to bring so much joy in the life of a kid.  And with so many toys usually lying around in our houses from the beginning, we have often forgotten their value too. To make less fortunate kids happy, we organized a toy donation drive, where we collected as many toys as possible from various sources and donated them to Toy Bank, an NGO dedicated to address the developmental needs among underprivileged kids through games, toys and play.

Book Donation, Titli, 2013 –Gantar, Vadodara, India

For many underprivileged kids who want to study, these basic necessities too aren’t available. And the tender age is when the minds shape. To help these minds stay on the right path and not go astray, the right kind of education is crucial. A small step, like donating books, brings about a huge change in their lives. In another initiative to make this world a beautiful place for those less fortunate, Sculptasse donated books, stationery supplies and other school related reading material.

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