DIETING – An introduction to mindful eating and Bad Weight Loss Diets to Avoid

Today, let’s talk about something that it is never out of trend, and goes hand-in-hand with health and fitness – DIET.

One thing for sure, you should be mindful about your diet if a healthy body and lifestyle is what you’re aiming for.

But what exactly is it and why has it so popular? And more importantly, why should we mindful about our diet?

What is a DIET?

In simple words, a diet is what we eat. What we intake throughout the day over a period of time (habitually) is what constitutes our diet.

When we say we’re dieting, we have in place a diet plan, carefully curated to help us achieve our health goals – usually weight loss.

What is DIETING?

Dieting is nothing but being disciplined about the pre-planned foods and their intake quantity. It is eating only selected foods while cautiously avoiding a few that hamper our journey to achieve the goal.

Why should we monitor our Diet?

Mindful eating is paying attention to what we eat, and realizing what our body needs or doesn’t need. The general practice of monitoring what we eat is the key to a healthy body. When you are mindful about what you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat, you tend to realize and eliminate all the foods that are bad for the body. An unmonitored diet can lead to many unwanted health. Therefore, it becomes important to monitor your diet and eating habits.


Is there a bad diet?

With the hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, ‘dieting’ (for weight loss) is becoming increasingly trendy and people resort to all sorts of diets, hoping to achieve faster results. But you should be cautious about the diet plan you resort to -not all diets are meant for everybody, and some diets outright harm the body.

There are good diets and then there are bad diets. Generally speaking, the nature of the diet would vary depending on the body type and one’s health.

A thumb rule to follow – no good diet will promise immediate results.

A diet that helps you drop weight drastically in a very short span of time is definitely unhealthy and unrealistic. This is because it deprives your body of essential nutrition, weaken your stomach and gut, mess up the digestion process and starve your body. The weight loss during such diets is a combination of fat, water and muscles. The inevitable weight gain after the diet is over is merely full of fats which is actually much worse.

Here are a few types of diets that you MUST AVOID at any cost –

  • Diets that focus on only a few foods or food groups (cabbage soup diet, raw food diets) – These diets deprive your body of many essential nutrients, making you weak. Naturally, we are required to eat food from all food groups to stay healthy. Needless to say, it also becomes boring, pushing you to break diet and binge eat tasty, unhealthy food.
  • “Detox” diets (Master Cleanse) – These are extreme diets and often make you only lose water weight. Not scientifically proven, no good dietician recommends this as our bodiesare well equipped to get rid of toxins by itself when on a healthy diet.
  • Diets with ‘miracle’ foods or ingredients (fructose water, lemon water diet, green tea, apple cider vinegar) – There is no miracle ingredient when it comes to weight loss. Some foods definitely boost metabolism but no ingredient miraculously helps you drop weight.  Diets that recommend a lot of supplements or pills are something you should stay away from.
  • Fasting and very low-calorie diets (the “Skinny” vegan diet, Hollywood Diet) – Even during weight loss, consuming way lesser calories than minimum (1200-1500 per day) will make you weak and makes you binge eat when you decide to eat normally. This confuses the body’s metabolism and leads to the ‘’yo-yo syndrome”, that makes you gain weight faster.

Now that you know what kind of diets you must stay away from, no matter how tempting, be mindful about what kind of plan you resort to. I will soon talk about what constitutes a good diet. If you have any questions about dieting and bad diets, drop a comment below and I will be happy to help you out.


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